Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alexander James

My baby boy is 11 weeks old
Time sure does fly by!

Baby cousins only 2 weeks apart.
Alexander & Ryland

Guess whose the oldest

Alexander is getting so big.
He is almost 8lbs now and 11 weeks old.
He Starting to lift his head better and focus on things as well.
He and Ryland are just so adorable to watch.
They coo and caa and are smiling all the time now.
Its been so nice having my sisters down in Cali with me.
And getting to see all our kids together for a change is very nice.
I think my mom is going insane with all these kids and all the noise.
Its been very LOUD!
But all worth it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My UNUSUAL daughter

Best Cousins Forever!
Such GOOFEY girls just spending time together!

Strike a CRAZY pose and SCREAM!

I get knocked down but I get up again!

Dazed and Confused with one leg up!

We've been in California for a few weeks now and Aubryn is just enjoying it...the sun and the bright blue skys. And to be able to play outside and not get rained on!

Aubryn insisted I take pictures of her and Emilee so I did. And man she is a little on the wierd side these days.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackie

The Cutest cake ever! Its so-oo Jackie!

I cant believe she's already 23 and still a BRAT!


Alexander, Mommy & Aunt Jackie

Andrea, Jackie & I... So cute!

Jackie and her girls...Emilee & Kaydee

A portion of our family
Hope you have a wonderful next year Jackie!

Front yard FUN!!

Ash Michael playing with his cousin Kaydee Ann!

Pushing Kaydee...She loved it!

There's my Kaydee bear!

Loving on eachother!
Ash is just enjoying this nice Californis weather. He wants to be outside all day.

Planting FLOWERS with Papa

Today Aubryn and her FAVORITE cousin Emilee Planted BEAUTIFUL flowers with Papa Bill!
They had so much fun and were very PROUD of their work.

Uncle B and Aubby

Planting away!

Almost finished!

Moving on to BIGGER flowers!

Uncle B and Emmy Lou!

Digging the hole!
At the end of the day the girls were covered in dirt!
They went straight to the bath and into bed!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life after having Alexander

Baby AJ is 9 weeks old now and still such a little guy who just loves life. He was my biggest baby weighing 5lb 7oz and 18in. After spending 3 weeks in the NICU daddy got to come home from IRAQ for 2 weeks and rescue me. It was such a BIG help having him home and the kids really enjoyed it. 2 weeks went by really fast and it was time for me to play MOMMY of 3 all by myself. So its been 4 LONG ADVENTUROUS weeks of CRAZINESS but we are SURVIVING. The kids are adjusting to being back with mommy and having a new addition to the house. I have to constantly keep up on Ash for he likes to take Alex on a roller coaster ride in his swing. But he sure loves his baby! Ash will be two in August and still is super small in the 2% in weight and not in the charts for height yet. He still is wordless but that seems to be his only delay. But that is fine because his 4 1/2 year old sister(Aubryn) SPEAKS plenty for the both of them. Ash is favorite thing to do right now is pull the outlet covers out with his teeth. We put a stop to that. LOL! Aubryn is doing great but still crys for daddy occationally but that is to be expected. She spells her name now and is so PROUD of that. She missed the cutoff date for Kindergarden so she wont be starting this next year with her friends. So she'll do Pre-School. She is very much into Hannah Montana and cant wait to go see the Moive. I think its safe to say that Im pretty CONTENT with three children and I think one more would be asking for it. I am blessed to have such an AMAZING family and HUSBAND! I thank GOD for them everyday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hospitalized bedrest

SO its been 2 1/2 LONG weeks in the hospital. Nothing has changed for better or worse. Im 32 weeks pregnant and in 70% efaced with a very short CERVEX.

I went into labor the other night but they were able to stop it. So I sit and wait eachday out hoping little Alexander stays in me until at least 35 weeks.

He is also BREECHED which isnot good at this point. If he doesnt flip I'll have to have a c-section.

I also just found out that I have Gestational diabetes...Also not fun. No junk food. Hospitalization and no junk food. It really STINKS!

My baby shower is going to be next friday here at the hospital. Im excited. I love getting visitors.

I will keep you all posted if anything changes.