Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life after having Alexander

Baby AJ is 9 weeks old now and still such a little guy who just loves life. He was my biggest baby weighing 5lb 7oz and 18in. After spending 3 weeks in the NICU daddy got to come home from IRAQ for 2 weeks and rescue me. It was such a BIG help having him home and the kids really enjoyed it. 2 weeks went by really fast and it was time for me to play MOMMY of 3 all by myself. So its been 4 LONG ADVENTUROUS weeks of CRAZINESS but we are SURVIVING. The kids are adjusting to being back with mommy and having a new addition to the house. I have to constantly keep up on Ash for he likes to take Alex on a roller coaster ride in his swing. But he sure loves his baby! Ash will be two in August and still is super small in the 2% in weight and not in the charts for height yet. He still is wordless but that seems to be his only delay. But that is fine because his 4 1/2 year old sister(Aubryn) SPEAKS plenty for the both of them. Ash is favorite thing to do right now is pull the outlet covers out with his teeth. We put a stop to that. LOL! Aubryn is doing great but still crys for daddy occationally but that is to be expected. She spells her name now and is so PROUD of that. She missed the cutoff date for Kindergarden so she wont be starting this next year with her friends. So she'll do Pre-School. She is very much into Hannah Montana and cant wait to go see the Moive. I think its safe to say that Im pretty CONTENT with three children and I think one more would be asking for it. I am blessed to have such an AMAZING family and HUSBAND! I thank GOD for them everyday.