Monday, December 29, 2008

The Snow is finally starting to melt...


Aubryn helped her uncle Tim build a SNOWMAN.

Well to me it looked half pig/half bear!

Still so cute though!
Aubryns favorite Uncle Tim came all the way from North Carolina to have Christmas with us.
She was beyond HAPPY!

I am enjoying the freezing cold but so ready for the snow to be gone and the rain to come.
But not quite ready to take all my decorations down.
I think I'll wait till John comes home im March.
Hope everybody has a FUN and SAFE New Years Eve!
God Bless!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and happy holiday

We spent our christmas this year with the Mawet Family and boy did we have fun. Well at least I did. Some people were CRANKY but I was filled with the SPIRIT of Christmas. It was a very SAD and LONELY Christmas for my little Aubryn...not having daddy around this year was hard for her. She got some very nice things and was very appreciative. She loved everything and made sure we all knew that. Her favorite thing she got was her trampoline. Ash didnt care much about his presents. He had so much fun with the wrapping paper and bows. SILLY BOY! And he loved standing/climbing on his presents. We also had a white Christmas this year. And it was so BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowed in and loving it!

We definately are going to have a white Christmas and I am extremely OK with that! Its freezing COLD outside...just the way I like it. I love this season of cold, snow, icy roads, Hot Cocoa, electric blankets/throws and best of all being stuck inside with the family! And Aubryn LOVES to where her scarfs. Thats probably her FAVORITE part of being outside in the cold.

And this is nothing! We are suppose to get up to 8in of snow tomorrow night-thursday and more snow again on Saturday. Im so glad my Christmas shopping is done. No last minute shopping this year!

So I hope everybody drives safe over the next week or so and enjoy the snow! I know we will!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its that time again...

We just signed our life away again. Another 6 more years in the Military. Im actually really EXCITED! And we got a nice signing bonus.

Im interested to see where we go this time around and if we even leave Washington state at all. John still has a long time in Iraq(Nov 2009) so If we move it wont be for a while.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas picture disaster

My Christmas STINKERS!
Aubryn & Ash

Today my best friends and I took all 10 of our children to JcPennys to have our Christmas pictures done.
All though we looked cute wearing matching shirts(green and red) it was quite the adventure Im not willing to take ever again.
My daughter is not the funnest picture taker and she was miserable. Tears everywhere. I was literally losing my mind trying to keep all the kids in line. It was so crowded and hot that I was starting to have hot flashes and lose my cool.
Bribbing did not work for Aubryn she just would not smile. So after our group picture I attempted to do family pictures and forget it. Still no smiles! Just more whining!LOL! By now Im in tears. And had a really bad headache. Ash was sticky everywhere from his candycane, Aubryn half dressed so I gave up. Called it quits!
I was so mad at the horrible service that I almost didnt buy any pictures. Luckly there were a few cute ones. I just wanted a nice picture to send to my husband in Iraq.
Earlier in the morning before we left I was able to get a few cute pictures of the kids at home.

Bottom of Form 1

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things are finally starting to get better

Baby BUMP Pictures. Getting bigger by the day!
19 weeks Prego
24 weeks Prego!

So I went to the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor yesterday and got WONDERFUL news. My cervex has completely closed and the baby is starting to grow on target. He is a pound and a half. I am now off of bedrest and l hope it stays that way...Cause its definately hard to be on bedrest and raise children. These weekly shots of PROGESTERONE are actually working and its a good thing because they dont feel very good.

I am also starting to gain weight finally. I am at 4 lbs now. And will be 25 weeks along on SAT.

The doctor says no more babies. So Im considering getting my tubes tied. If I wait till my husbands home from deployment for him to get fixed I'll end up pregnant again. Its just my LUCK!
Also I have some good new. John is going to get to come home in March after the baby is born for 2 weeks. Im so EXCITED.
And I am so Excited to go Christmas shopping now that I can walk around for hours. And I dont have to worry about dialating.
God is GOOD!
But Im off to bed. good night all!
Sleep tight!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Missing Daddy this Holiday Season

So we are going on 4 months since daddys been gone and still have 11 more to go.

Things are a bit CRAZY as they always are. What do you expect though? We are a MILITRAY family. But with our faith and our heavenly father we make it through every time just fine. The POWER OF PRAYER!

Other than that we are busy getting ready for the Holidays. I decided to put up my Christmas tree and decorations early this year. And I mean really EARLY this year...Nov.1. I absolutely love CHRISTMAS. The smells, the lights...EVERYTHING!

The kids are loving all my decorations. And Ash is having fun braking my bulbs. Thats what happens when you have toddlers and glass bulbs! Not a good combination.

Aubryn is driving me NUTS by asking for everything this year. From clothes to bikes, dolls, barbies, you name it she wants it. But the problem is she already has everything! And every commercial that comes on shes wanting that too! Kids...You gotta love them!

The weather is very cold outside...nice and ICY! The way I like it. I love to cuddle under blankets in the winter with my kids and watch Christmas Classics. Like Frosty the snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. Those are my favorites.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is Halloween!

Halloween this year was different without daddy home but still a BLAST. We spent that night with the Mawets and the Viners plus Christina and Pete. The kids all looked so cute and all enjoyed every minute of trick or treating. Candice, Christina and I got tired early so we took the babies Home. We are such party poopers! Sheri and the husbands continued to take the kids door to door. Back at home we enjoyed the peice and quiet while stuffing our faces with chips and dip and JUNK! My favorite when Im pregnant! LOL!

Aubryn this year was a Cat and Ash was a Bat. Costumes from Old Navy. They were too cute for words.

Pumpkins this year we did not carve but painted. Mommy didnt have patience for the mess this year. Thats usually daddys job and we didnt want to carve pumpkins with out him!

All in all we had a great October. And I REALLY enjoy the fall so much. Its my favorite season.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Boy on the way...Alexander James LaBossiere!

We are excited to announce that we are having another boy. Just found out in the middle of October sometime. He was not a shy little one. He made it perfectly clear that he was not a GIRL! So exciting!! Well at least for my husband and I. On the other hand Aubryn wanted a sister really bad. So she cried for a bit and is over it now.

As most of you all know I have my babies really early. TOO EARLY!! So far things are a little shakey. The baby is really low and Im having alot of lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems.

The doctors are starting me on progesterone shots every week.

Progesterone is a female hormone produced by the overies during release of a mature egg from an ovary (ovulation). Progesterone helps prepare the lining of the uterus (endometrium) to receive the egg if it becomes fertilized by a sperm. If the egg is not fertilized, progesterone levels drop and menstrual bleeding begins.
During pregnancy, the placenta also produces high levels of progesterone, starting near the end of the first trimester and continuing until the baby is born. Levels of progesterone in a pregnant woman are about 10 times higher than they are in a woman who is not pregnant. But sometimes when a woman is pregnant she loses progesterone and it causes her to go into pre-term labor. So I am just getting extra progesterone. And maybe that will help.

Hopefully Alex will stay in my belly until at least 35 weeks preferably longer.

I can use all the hopes and prayers I can.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aubryn Aubryn Aubryn

Well its been a month since Johns been gone and it seems that little Miss Aubby is taking it worse and worse. I actually think she might be a little depressed. Its sad that she knows and understands!

We have had to keep this little one very busy.

We took a beach trip and it was wonderful to see her be so adventurous and exploring her imagination.

First she was a pirate out at see and then she was a pelican eating a jellyfish but my favorite had to be when she was swimming in the sand pretending to be washed up seaweed.

Chasing the seagulls I think was her favorite part of the day.

We found a huge chunk of driftwood so Aubryn used it as her pirate ship and she said it was coral reef and a jet ski.

She exhausted her self out.
At the end of the day she was the happiest litle girl ever. She is so amazing most of the time. And that was the end of our Adventurous day to lighthouse Park beach.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ash is starting to grow!

With just turning a year old Ash is weighing in at 17lbs 26inches long. Which is really small but considering that he was pre-mature he is right where he should be. Not quite on the charts yet but starting to catch up. And the good thing is he has trippled his birth weight. He was 5lb 3oz and 17in long.

Doctors are concerned about his height and size of his head. He is very short and his head is big for his age. He just now is able to sit up on his own. For the longest time his head out weighed his body and he would fall back.

Health wise has been a battle for the LaBossiere household. Since the birth of Ash hes had RSV twice, pneumonia 3 times and bronchitis twice. Dealing with that and his many food allergies and his excema it gets quite exciting some times. Anything his skin comes in contact with just seems to flair up and rash resulting in him itching until he bleeds. Its so sad! So I had to switch all our detergents to free and clear. And I have to be very careful about the soaps we use.

But summer is just about over and Im so excited for the winter. Ash is excema is going to be very adventurous this cold season. It will be at its worst. So I imagine we'll be in the house most of the winter.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Deployment has started!

John has finally left for his 4th tour to Iraq. Its going to be along next 14 months. Probably miserable! But GOD will provide and we'll get through this. We always do!

Aubryn is starting to ask for him less but still isnt sleeping through the night. She misses her daddy. Its definately going to be the hardest on her. She is almost four (October) and she understands so well. I almost wish she didnt! She has so many questions!

Ash Just turned a year. And he'S too little to understand this mess. His gentle smile gets us through the day. And he is just so HAPPY!

Baby LaBossiere #3 is baking as we speak. Another one on the way! But this time I get to do it all on my own. With the help of family and friends.
God has BLESSED me with an Amazing family. I am so Grateful to have such a wonderful husband and fun loving children.